Audio-Technica is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures professional wired and wireless microphones, headphones, phonographic magnetic cartridges, and other audio equipment.

audio-technica - 2.4ghz wireless mic
audio-technica – 2.4ghz wireless mic

Dynamic live show? Looking to capture audio and video perfectly in sync and effortlessly share it with fans? Audio-Technica have the System 10 Camera-Mount which is designed for high-fidelity wireless media to be captured on the go. This is a simple cost effective and portable set up which allows for multiple mounting options and will communicate with a variety of cameras and recording devices. Boasting 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation allows this setup to deliver impeccable sound quality. Combine that with the receiver which operates within 2.4 GHz range allowing it to remain free from interference at all times.


audio-technica - LP1240
audio-technica – LP1240 – USB Turntable


This professional DJ Direct-Drive turntable features both USB & Analog output. This makes it not only an excellent choice for use in nightclubs and touring applications; but also for the humble home vinyl collector. The USB output allows for simple plug and play convenience allowing vinyl lovers to effortlessly covert from LP-to-digital.


audio-technica - 4050
audio-technica – 4050 – Studio mic



This studio condenser mic captures and commands every subtle inflection in a vocalists voice allowing for transparent and airy uppers / mids complemented by rich low-end qualities. The AT4050 boasts gold-vaporized large dual diaphragms for reliable precision and an overall outstanding performance. This makes it an ideal choice for studio use and live sound productions with vocals, piano, strings, drum overheads, guitar amps, and much more.



audio-technica - ATHM50x - Headphones
audio-technica – ATHM50x


With the level of critical acclaim the M-Series line has received over the years, these headphones really need no introduction. They’ve been praised worldwide by top audio engineers and performers year after year. The ATH-M50x is the latest model from audio-technica in their professional studio monitor headphones. They now boast detachable cables for added convenience, allowing them to be used in a professional studio setting or block out the hustle and bustle of the world on your daily commute to and from work.